APSI History


  • 1972- protective services for individuals with developmental disabilities (DD) were mandated by state law (O.R.C. 5123.55-59)
  • 1972 – 1978- protective services were provided by an office within the division of developmental disabilities (DD). Superintendents of institutions served as guardian of the person for individuals residing in state institutions without family members to serve as their guardian.
  • 1976- the state of Ohio made the decision to contract protective service based on passage of S.B. 336. Thus in 1977, Guardian Services, Ltd. was created to provide services for individuals with DD who were in the state's institutions (now called developmental centers). This decision and creation of the agency were based on the national J.C.A.H. standards for delivery of protective services. According to this standard, superintendents were no longer allowed to serve as guardians.
  • 1978- the state of Ohio decided to contract for community protective services. Sentinel Services for the Developmentally Disabled, Inc. was created to provide protective services for individuals with DD in the community.
  • 1983- Advocacy & Protective Services, Inc. (APSI) was created when Guardian Services, Ltd. and Sentinel Services, Inc. consolidated. APSI services included serving as guardian of the person, trustee and protector.
  • 1989- the guardianship reform law (Substitute S.B. 46) passed, which increased the number of options available to the individuals APSI serves. In addition to providing full guardianships, trusteeships and protectorships, APSI began providing the following services: conservatorship, interim, limited and emergency guardianship.


Since 1983, Advocacy & Protective Services, Inc. (APSI) has provided protective services for people with developmental disabilities. APSI helps bring about awareness of people's needs and desires, especially to service providers. Additionally, APSI helps people make decisions, such as where to live, and assists with informed consent for surgery or other medical treatment.