Programs & Services


APSI provides the following standard protective services:

  • Guardianship of person,
  • Limited guardianship,
  • Interim guardianship,
  • Emergency guardianship,
  • Trustee,
  • Protector,
  • Conservator.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Based upon scope of guardianship, protective services duties are fulfilled through the implementation of informed consent and advocacy functions, which involve service actions in several critical life areas including but not limited to:

  • Rights – equality, citizenship, access, due process, and responsibility;
  • Self-Determination – choices, opportunities, personal control, and self-advocacy;
  • Physical Well-Being – routine & preventative health care and daily living skills appropriate to age;
  • Emotional Well-Being – self-worth, self-esteem, satisfaction with life, and spirituality;
  • Material Well-Being – employment, money, education, and housing;
  • Personal Development – achievement, success, and personal competence;
  • Interpersonal Relationships – social contacts, relationships, and emotional supports.


It is the role of the APSI guardian to ensure that individuals are supported in exercising their personal involvement in the above life areas to the fullest extent possible in a manner the promotes health and safety as well as the person’s wishes, goals, values, beliefs, and personal preferences.