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Advocacy and Protective Services, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization, which advocates for outcomes that promote dignity, respect, and enhanced quality of life for individual persons with developmental disabilities.

Serving critical needs, one person at a time.

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How much are services?

Cost of APSI Services

Services are free for eligible individuals.


Where do you service?

Where do you provide services?

We provide services through 9 offices throughout the state of Ohio. To learn more about our locations, click below.



Who do you serve?

We Serve

  • Eligible adults 18 years of age and older
  • Ohio Residents Only
  • Persons with a developmental disability as determined through DODD eligibility requirements
  • Persons facing a situation or problem that requires protective services
  • Persons in need of a guardian of person, medical guardian, limited guardianship, trustee, conservatorship, and/or protectorship.

Are there employment opportunities?

Employment Opportunities

We’re always looking for new talent to service our community. Click below to see availiable job postings.


alt 24/7 ON CALL

As guardian of the person APSI is available 24/7 to provide medical informed consent for the individuals the probate courts have appointed us to serve.



Pam is pictured here with her APSI representative, Kathy. Pam lives at a Developmental Center, as this provides the level of support that best meets her needs. She enjoys her home and some of her favorite activities include arts and crafts and when her staff reads books to her. Pam’s staff is like family to her.



Kevin’s APSI rep. often visited him in the hospital and rehab facility after he was relocated from the hospital. Going to the hospital can be scary and having dedicated friends and staff can make it easier.



December is an independent young woman. She enjoys shopping, traveling, & makeup, and is job hunting. She is excited about finding a new opportunity that fits her interests.



Joe has had some exciting new events take place over the last year. He lives in an apartment on his own and he has a new service dog named Mama. It took Joe a little while to find the right place to live, his APSI representative helped him with that every step of the way.


Gloria & Emma

Gloria and Emma are roommates and share many of the same interests. They enjoy shopping, crafting, and decorating their apartment for the holidays. During our visit the ladies were busy making decorations for Valentine’s Day! Gloria and Emma have amazing staff who enjoy doing all of these activities with the ladies. They both talked about how much they enjoy living in their apartment and how their staff is like their family.

Our Stories

APSI provides guardianship service according to the best interest standard. This means maximizing what is best for the person with consideration of the least intrusive, most normalizing, and least restrictive course of action possible given the needs of the individual.

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Meet Ron, Learn about Day Programs, and Look at Changes Moving Forward

One of APSI’s clients, Ron, recently added a new accessory to his farmer’s market outfit: a

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APSI strives to provide guardianship services while promoting self-determination,

self-advocacy, and principles of least restrictive services focused on person-centered planning.  

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