Documenting the Decision-Making Process


It is always important to document the team’s decisions—but it is especially important to document the decision-making process when there are no clear answers and the team is making the best decision it can with the information available. Documentation will include the Ohio ISP, but also meeting minutes and case notes. Good documentation always includes the 5 Ws and 1 H:


– participated in the discussion? (include names and team roles)
– provided information that the team considered?
– gave consent to the final decision?
– dissented from the final decision?
– is responsible for next steps?


– issues did the team address?
– what risks were identified?
– input did each team member provide, especially the individual?
– options were considered?
– services and supports will be put in place?
– are the next steps?


– will services and supports be implemented?
– is any other documentation of the information reviewed or options considered? (include evaluation reports and person-centered tools used to evaluate risks and options)


– will services and supports be implemented?
– can the individual try out new or different services and supports?
– will the team review the decision and the need for any changes?


– was the final option selected?
– were other options or less restrictive alternatives rejected?
– does the person need the selected supports?


– were risks evaluated?
– was the individual’s input incorporated?
– Is progress being measured?
– does the team plan to communicate and review the plan and the need for any changes?