Our Services

APSI provides the following standard protective services: Guardianship of person, Limited guardianship, Interim guardianship, Emergency guardianship, Protector, and Conservator.

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County probate courts appoint APSI to serve as guardian of the person, which means APSI makes decisions about where the person lives, what medical care they receive, and who will provide services to them. The court must first find the person to be incompetent based on a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of the person's capacity to make decisions.

APSI is available 24/7 to provide medical informed consent to meet the person's needs. Because APSI is appointed as the guardian, staff members other than the person's Protective Service Representative can provide consent at any time.


Alternatives to Guardianship

When a person needs assistance with making decisions but does not need a full guardian, the person can make a voluntary agreement with APSI to provide this assistance. These alternatives to guardianship may include supported decision-making or acting as a chosen representative as part of the person's team.


Technical Assistance

APSI is available to serve as a resource on guardianship, alternatives to guardianship, and advocacy on behalf of individuals with developmental disabilities. This assistance can be provided to family members, professionals, and self-advocates, or anyone else with these questions.